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Blockchain and crypto initiatives are embraced by the Sundance Film Festival

Film festivals are seeing a rise in blockchain and crypto-funded film projects and initiatives as Web3 technology continues to merge with the entertainment industry. Web3 technology continues to permeate various mainstream industries to innovate traditional systems. This includes traditional creative fields such as the music industry and, more recently, the film industry. This year, Slamdance Film Festival, an Oscar-certified film...


A ‘Blockchain Bandit’ reawakens: $90M in stolen crypto is being moved

Hackers harvested up to $90 million worth of cryptocurrency from wallets using weak private keys during a six-year heist. Hackers called "blockchain Bandit" have finally awakened from their six-year hiatus and started to move their illicit profits. According to Chainalysis, about $90 million in cryptocurrency stolen from the attacker's long-running chain of "programmatic theft" since 2016 has moved in this...